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Group News

The 2014 Ningbo Teng Zhi Information Technology Co., Ltd founded
In 2013 10th anniversary of Shandong Tengda and Tengda R & D Center
In 2013 the Ningbo Tenglong Stainless Steel Products Group start full production
In 2013 the Tengda R & D building built and put into use
In 2013 the Ningbo Tenglong Stainless Steel Products Group Wang Yide academician workstation listing
In 2013, Shandong Tenghe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2012 invited academician Wang Yide served as chief consultant group technology
In 2012 the Ningbo Tenglong fastener company founded
In 2011 July the Ningbo base to start the expansion
In 2011, Shandong Tengte Fasteners Co. Ltd founded
In 2011 Ningbo Tenggong Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. founded
2010 was identified as high-tech enterprises.
In 2010 the Canadian sales office Established
The 2009 Tengzhou Teng Chi Information Technology Co., Ltd founded
In 2008 by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the establishment of Tenglong Stainless Steel Products Group
In October 28, 2007 the Zhejiang Tenglong Stainless Steel Products Group is formal put into production
Established in 2007 in Shandong Tengda stainless steel technology R & D department
Established in 2007 June, Hongkong Office
In 2007, Shandong Teng Yang Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd founded
In 2007 March, South Korea, Japan set up sales offices
In 2006 December, established Beijing, Shanghai, Wenzhou Sales Office
In 2006 November, established Jiangsu Suzhou base
In 2006 October, established Guangzhou Foshan base
In 2006, Shandong Tengda stainless steel products Co., Ltd., officially put into operation
The 2006 Shandong Teng-feng Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd founded
In 2005, established equipment R & D and manufacturing department in Shandong
The 2005 Zhejiang englong Stainless Steel Products Group founded
In 2004 June, established Ningbo Tenglong Stainless Steel Technology R & D department
In 2003 June,established the Shandong base in Tengzhou
The 2001 Hengfa Metal Products Co., Ltd founded in Ningbo Beilun
In 1986 the Ningbo Tenglong Stainless Steel Products Group. was established