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        Wang Yide, male, born in 1938 in Zhejiang city of Hangzhou province. 1968 in Beijing iron and Steel Institute graduate. He served in the Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) chief engineer Co. Ltd, the current Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) Co., the company's board of directors vice director of the Planning Commission, Shanxi provincial government decision-making advisory committee of experts. In 2005 was elected academician of the Academy of Engineering China. Is the third award of the Chinese large-scale iron and steel enterprise. Wang Yide comrades working in engineering long-term first-line, made a significant contribution to the development of China's stainless steel, electrical steel and the cause of steel rolling technology, is an expert in the field of excellent engineering.

         By the department above the provincial level major scientific and Technological Achievement Award 15, the national science and technology progress grand award 1, two national science and technology progress award 1, China Science Conference award 1, the national defense science and Industry Committee and the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry joint award 1, provincial first prize 5, two prize 6.

The national science and technology progress grand prize.

1, for the development of Beijing Electron Positron Collider pure iron, the results won the 1990 National Science and technology progress grand prize

2, high quality stainless steel sheet technology development, won the two prize in the 2004 National Science and technology progressThe development of new technology and innovation in

3, hot metal as the main raw material in stainless steel production, won the two prize in the 2006 National Science and technology progressIn study

, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, won the 1978 China Conference on science and Technology Award

5, the "eight seven" project main magnet for ultra low sulfur iron manufacture, won the 1979 Shanxi province science and Technology Progress Award